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LoS #348 – My Name is Ben – Ari Shaffir

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Ari Shaffir joins Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, & Dave Smith on this week’s episode of Legion of Skanks! In celebration of Black History Month, the Skanks have appointed an honorary black intern/slave. The comics compete in Black History Month themed events, and enjoy grape flavored cool aid and chunky peanut butter while intern Ben, to be referred to hereafter as Ron Howard, gets whipped and interrogated by the skanks (mostly Luis). Producer Bobby Hutch comes to the rescue when Luis and Ari’s whips threaten the wellbeing of GaS Digital Studio equipment. Post break, Luis loses his cool with Ari over an advertisement read gone awry! All this and more, ONLY on The Most Offensive Podcast On Earth, The LEGION OF SKANKS!!!

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