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LoS #319 – Durrr Grrreat!! – Nick Mullen and Adam Friedland

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Nick Mullen & Adam Friedland join Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith on this week’s episode of Legion of Skanks! Both LoS and Cum Town shed the weight of their heaviest members for the night, leaving two-thirds of each podcast to discuss the health of Big Jay and Stavros. The “extreme toxicity” of Cum Town’s content provokes a woman to ask reddit whether she should end her engagement to a fan; the comics propose a brilliant plan to expand the Bosley Hair Restoration company; and the group reacts to a collection of photos featuring a disabled white tiger! Is it better to assault a woman, or a black person? How, exactly, can Hepatitis-C be contracted? And is the act of a man sucking another man’s d**k always “gay”, no matter the circumstance? Find out the answers to these questions and more on The Most Offensive Podcast on Earth, The Legion Of Skanks!!!

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