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LoS #316 – Debate Off Live From Skankfest – Dan Soder, Ian Fidance, Mike Cannon, Kim Congdon, Derek Gaines, Jeremiah Watkins, and Josh Adam Meyers

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Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith are joined by Dan Soder in a special Legion Of Skanks / The Bonfire mashup, recorded at Skankfest NYC! This SkankFire Debate-Off features appearances from Mike Cannon, Ian Finance, Derek Gaines, Kimberly Congdon, Jeremiah Watkins, and Josh Adam Meyers. Guests debate topics from ‘Safe Sex vs. Unprotected Sex’ to ‘Who’s Worse For Society?: Blacks or Puerto Ricans’— skipping the issue of ‘New Music vs. Old Music’ to discuss a debate as old as man, ‘Vaginal Sex vs. Anal Sex’. Is smoking a cigarette on stage enough to make an obvious argument seem even more valid? Is there even a difference between Blacks and Puerto Ricans? Is the convenience of period-free anal worth the possibility of a messy blowout? And how well can the guest comics tackle these topics, with Luis having booked them only five minutes before the start of the show? Find out all this and more in this special Skankfest mashup of The Bonfire and The Most Offensive Podcast On Earth, The Legion Of Skanks!!!

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