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LoS #315 – IV Antibiotics – Zac Amico

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Zac Amico joins Dave Smith, Luis J. Gomez, and Big Jay Oakerson on this week’s episode, to make fun of a dying kid. Jay reads his life story in a Bane voice, and Bobby photoshops a dick on his picture so Luis can lick it. They also practice their song Chucklefuckers In Love for Ha! The Musical at Skankfest (Zac sings lady). After the break Luis submits a late SJW application to the Intern Olympics about #SkanksSoWhite, which devolves into racist banter by nearly everyone. Dave offers to buy him a drink and say he’s not racist. The Skanks end off by trashing the intern hopefuls one by one. Their projects were so bad, everyone threw insults till they felt better. Check out their terrible work on @legionofskanks Instagram.

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