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LoS #293 – Blop Blop – Zac Amico

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Zac Amico joins Big Jay Oakerson, Dave Smith, and Luis J Gomez on this week’s episode. This one was actually pre-recorded in Dec. at The GaS Digital Studio. Zac Amico and The Skanks discuss public sex and the time Luis had sex in Central Park. Zac Amico and Jay are horror movie fanatics so they discuss some of the latest horror films they’ve watched and their favorite classic horror movies. Zac Amico’s father chased him around with an axe to celebrate The Shining. Luis tells a tale of performed magic as a child, which we’ve never heard before and the birth of Luis’ “Su-Fi” Blop-Blop!! All this and more on the most offensive podcast on Earth… THE LEGION OF SKANKS!!!​

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