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LoS #292 – Speckled Puss – Ari Shaffir and Calise Hawkins

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Ari Shaffir and Calise Hawkins join Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J Gomez, and Dave Smith at The Gas Digital Studio. This is a pre-recorded episode so don’t be alarmed when they start off discussing Christmas. Don’t worry, they remember that Calise Hawkins, a very attractive comedian, is in studio and quickly change the topic to discuss sexual consent when one or both people have been drinking. Also Calise’s bout with vitiligo, Ari Shaffir and Luis make a bet, and the Skanks try to figure out if Dave is a Gay Ass Niii… you know what, you’ll just have to listen to the episode to find out what they call Dave. All this and more on the most offensive podcast on Earth… THE LEGION OF SKANKS!!!

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