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KURT #083 – Hide Daddy’s Numbers with Alec Bostwick and Robert A George

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Journalists Robert A. George and Alec Bostwick joins Kurt Metzger on this week’s episode of Can’t Get Right with Kurt Metzger Podcast. This week we talk about how Bloomberg had the original Tik-Tok (it was even called the same) before migrating to QuickTake, we discuss the Cuomo Brothers and Andrew Cuomo’s recent allegations and questions on some of his numbers, Cuomo resembling a “War Time Governor,” and we look at the ridiculous article by the Rewriting Ripley Podcast showing the “Alt-Right” Hierarchy. Disney is Scientology, we are SHOCKED Ellen isn’t nice, and the Royal Oprah interview. All this and more on this week’s episode of Can’t Get Right with Kurt Metzger! Support on Social Media Follow Kurt Metzger: https://twitter.com/kurtmetzger​​ Follow Robert A. George: https://twitter.com/RobGeorge Follow Alec Bostwick: https://twitter.com/BostWiki

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