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KURT #036 – L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.2.S.+ with Bryan Vokey, Monarey Martinez, and Ramsey Badawi

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This week Kurt Metzger is joined by comedians Bryan Vokey, Monarey Martinez, and Ramsey Badawi. Kurt is excited to bring up Ellen DeGeneres’ latest twitter controversy with the L.G.B.T.Q community. The gang discuss the Pugh / Braff controversy, mainly over the pronunciation of her name. Is it puh? poo? Kurt dives into r/cringe, the crew reviews porn star Reily Reid’s rap video. Is she allowed to use the N-word? Which leads to Vince McMahn’s misguided use of the N-word. Speaking of r/cringe, Corey Feldman’s performance on Morning TV comes up, listen in as the Crew give their commentary. Join us for all this and SO much, much more on this weeks episode of Can’t Get Right With Kurt Metzger!

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