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KURT #034 – Bat Soup for the Soul, with Ramsey Badawi, Monare Martinez and Bryan Voke

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This week on Can’t Get Right, Kurt is joined via Quarantined-Zoom by comedians Ramsey Badawi, Monare Martinez and Bryan Vokey! We discuss everybodies new favorite documentary Tiger King, how masturbation habits develop in quarantine, what races are most likely to catch the Corona, Bill Deblasio’s ex-Lesbo wife, the nomadic desert warrior people known as Bedouins, Japanese sex gameshows, the 80s most popular pill Quaaludes and why Louis went to France after the controversy, a place with a long history of Louises… thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web, join us for all this and much, much more on this weeks episode of Can’t Get Right With Kurt Metzger!

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