KURT #032 – My Boyfriends Wedding Dress with Bryan Vokey, Betterbox Ken, Sara Weinshenk and Kyle Dunnigan

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This week Can’t Get Right is in rapid fire mode as we run through a tag-team slew of guests: Kurt is first joined by comedian Bryan Vokey, returning from his Grand Comedy Toure of Yurop, but is soon tagged out by Betterbox Ken, Studio local impersonator… but not long before he is too replaced by comedians Sara Weinshenk and Kyle Dunnigan! The discussion between all parties involved involves how the Taliban is the one true threat to feminism, popular new trends in protest involving anti-dairy milkers-out events led by Joaquin Phoenix, James Franco being targeted by #MeToo, whether it’s sexy for guys to wear dresses, whether the proper term is Wigger or Wafrican-American, how Harvey Weinstein’s hybrid vagina-penis requiring erection injections had moles on his rolls and the stigma of toxic-femininity surrounding nutt-huts. All this and more on this weeks episode of Can’t Get Right With Kurt Metzger!

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