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Kurt #029 – The Return of The King of Feminism with Bryan Vokey, Monray Martinez, and Ron taylor

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This week Kurt is joined by comedians Monarey Elaine Martinez, Ron Taylor and Bryan Vokey! Join us this week for Bryan’s long awaited first Official Apology from the Court of Feminism, as well as King Kurt’s answering the cries of his subjects on Reddit. We also discuss why James Bond couldn’t exist in 2020, the Kobe-Shaffir incident, economic theory and free market capitalism, as well as engaging in a refreshing round of debates over a new racial slur for the Whites (nickelbacks v. fightclubs) and how to settle the representation question. Plus a dive into nerd culture: who is our favorite Batmans and how has the Black nerd evolved? All this and more on this weeks episode of Can’t Get Right With Kurt Metzger!

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