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Kurt #026 – White Lizzo with Tim Dillon and Bryan Vokey

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This week Kurt is joined by comedians Tim Dillon and Brian Vokey! The discussion heats up along with global tensions as Trump gets into a full on Twitter based World War with Iran, who have raised many shades of the Flag of Revenge in response! Hear the trios take on the coming carnage, as well as detailed discussion of fat people and modern fat pride, Q-Anon, the evolution of Capitalism and how it simultaneously will end all war and also bring great suffering, Global Racisms and the rise of the Alt Right (and also the rise of TERFS and nu-Queers), as well as taking a much more light hearted throwback to September 11th, 2001. We will also ask the great questions of ‘What is American culture?’ ‘How do presidents cook their steaks?’ ‘Is Bernie Sanders a gullible old man?’ All this and more on this weeks episode of Can’t Get Right With Kurt Metzger!

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