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Kurt #025 -Episode One: The Fancy Menace with Bryan Vokey

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Kurt is joined by comedian and much requested dear friend of the show Bryan Vokey… come this week to cast thine eyes upon King Kurt properly donned by the Crown of Feminism and hear further his proclamations for the future of this land! Also revisit the best of all Star Wars installments ‘The Fancy Menace,’ starring Jigga Binks! Find the moral power in producing pornography for handicapped homosexuals, get to the bottom of the controversy surrounding billionaire author ‘J K.K.K. Rowling,’ learn how to keep your wokeamine levels in the medically advised range and hear the lovely holiday tale of Zwarte Piet the Danish Blackfaced Christmas Elf-Slave alongside a recited selection of his honourable President Trump’s esteemed Twitter history! All this, the reveal of King Kurt’s Gender Identity, and so much more on this weeks episode of Can’t Get Right with Kurt Metzger!

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