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HoH #060 – What If The Hulkamania Edition

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This week Tommy Dreamer starts off by sharing his traveling during these times of social distancing. Flying for the first time since the whole world turned on it’s head, could be a bit nerve racking. Then being in a whole new state, who might not be taking the distancing all that serious, could just be a nightmare for The Heart and Soul of ECW. But having that time to travel, leaves Tommy to his own wrestling thoughts. Which brought on a bunch of What If’s in the world of wrestling. This week The Innovator of Violence asks the question, What If Hulkamania didn’t run wild? Impossible you say? Well, there is a scenario where that just may have happened! PLUS Dreamer plays an ALL NEW segment of Eating and Retweeting! You don’t want to miss this EXTREME episode of The House Of Hardcore Podcast with Tommy Dreamer! Submit your questions and comments for Tommy to: YOU can CALL The House Of Hardcore HOTLINE and leave a question for Tommy, where he’ll answer you LIVE on the podcast! CALL NOW! 1-929-266-6549 Support our social media: Follow Tommy Dreamer on Twitter: Follow Tommy Dreamer on Instagram: Follow the show on Twitter: Follow the show on Instagram:

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