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GWS #013 – Season 2 Episode 8 The Heart Attack

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Luis J Gomez and Jeniece E. Gomez discuss the 13th episode of Seinfeld titled “The Heart Attack” and cover topics including how Bobby Hutch set them up for a letdown this episode, why bing in the hospital is better than visiting someone in the hospital, Luis being furious at Jeni for eating his keto cookies and so much more! (Air Date: April, 5th 2021) You can watch Gomez Watches Seinfeld LIVE for FREE every Monday at 10:00 pm ET at Once you’re there you can sign up at with promo code: GWS for a 14-day FREE trial with access to every Gomez Watches Seinfeld show ever recorded! On top of that you’ll also have the same access to ALL the shows that GaS Digital Network has to offer! Follow the whole show on social media! Luis J. Gomez Twitter:​​ Instagram:​​ YouTube:​​… Twitch:​​ GaS Digital Network Twitter:​​ Instagram:​​

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