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Episode 152 – Off The Island – Mark Pellegrino

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Actor, Objectivist, and co-founder of the American Capitalist Party, Mark Pellegrino joins Michael this week for a discussion on the key factors to finding success in acting, Michael’s experience meeting Nathaniel Brandon, some of Mark’s biggest takeaways from having Brandon as his therapist for a year, Rand’s “sense of life” philosophy, the universal warnings of rising too high above the collective, what it was like working with David Lynch on Mulholland Drive, Ayn Rand’s taste in art, starting the American Capitalist Party as an alternative to the current duopoly, the problems that make the Libertarian Party into RC Cola, what foreign policy should actually look like, the pitfalls of the Left on social media and their avoidance of acknowledging the individual, why universities are the real villains, where Mark sees rays of hope for the future of America, plus a sneak peek at what Michael said to Jordan Peterson, and so much more!

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