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Episode 147 – Through the Grapevine – Tim Young

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Political comedian and author Tim Young joins Michael this week for a discussion on why the Capitol doors weren’t locked on January 6th, what happens to good cops who try to speak out against corruption, how the Left says everyone on a college campus is a rapist while the Right says it’s nobody at all, how conservatives are running out of catchphrases and branding with the word “patriot”, how important it is to play the hits, Tim’s connection with Cardi B via Twitter, Ben Shapiro’s instant classic reading of the lyrics to WAP, EMP attacks and other irrational fears that spread at prepper conventions, seeing an actualization of the “new normal” on a nationwide scale, the hopelessness and powerlessness felt by the public during the pandemic, the forgotten citizens who dealt with the aftermath of BLM riots, humor in the Republican party, whether or not Kamala Harris will be President before 2024, plus touring with Chrissie Mayr, and so much more!

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