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Episode 146 – At The Petting Zoo – Bridget Phetasy

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American writer, comedian, and broadcaster Bridget Phetasy joins Michael this week for a discussion on what makes her so engaging to her audience, what she’s done to assess her own victimhood and change the tide of her life for the better, what she learned from her first trip to rehab at 19 years old, the Soviets’ warped views on therapy and the victim mentality, reveling in the fear of being labeled a fraud, the inherent pitfalls of the “compare and despair” thought process, the overflowing homeless problem and rampant violence in Los Angeles, her upcoming plans to move to the outskirts of Austin, why 30% of students might not be showing up for online classes, plus Bridget’s firm stance on toxic relationships, how she handles success and steady income as a former addict, and so much more!

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