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Episode 124 – Martyrs – Boris Khaykin & Dan LaMorte

Is an episode of Zac Amico’s Midnight Spook Show that's only available to High Octane All Access listeners. Subscribe now

Comedians Boris Khaykin & Dan LaMorte join Zac this week for an impressively dark and extremely graphic foreign film. Years after Lucie’s escape from the brutal tortures of an ominous religious organization, she returns to the home where it happened and exacts her revenge on its new inhabitants. Lucie finds no closure from her demons, leaving her partner Anna alone at the victims’ house to continue down Lucie’s path of vengeance. Not for the faint of heart, or stomach, this is a hidden gem full of brutal practical effects and phenomenal film-making. It’s none other than Martyrs from 2008, directed by Pascal Laugier.

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