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Episode 094 – Meet The Hollowheads – Andy Malafarina & Chris From BK

Is an episode of Zac Amico’s Midnight Spook Show that's only available to High Octane All Access listeners. Subscribe now

This week Zac is joined by comedians Andy Malafarina & Chris From Brooklyn for a mind-melting viewing experience. The loving Hollowhead family exists in a dystopian Jetsons-like world of gadgets, tubes, and creature comforts. Holding high hopes for a promotion, Henry Hollowhead is instead paid an uninvited visit by his deranged and pervy slime factory boss, Mr. Crabneck. Tubes churn and tables turn as the Hollowhead family must do what it takes to survive. Overflowing with genital metaphors, and marketed to God knows who, it’s the one-off directorial work of makeup and special effects veteran, Thomas R. Burman. Buckle up for the unnerving experience that is Meet The Hollowheads.

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