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Episode 029 – On The Lam – Count Dankula

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Count Dankula is a Scottish YouTuber who gained considerable press coverage when he uploaded a video of his girlfriend’s dog giving a Nazi salute. Listen as he talks to Michael Malice about the power of going viral, his ongoing struggle against the Thought and Cyber Police, and what precisely going into making a dank meme. Also, porpoises. Dankula’s legal fund: Dankula’s YouTube: Go to for the brand new “YOUR WELCOME” show T-Shirts Use promo code “YWMM” for a free 14 day trial to the network at Go to and use promo code Welcome30 for 30% off on any purchase Go to and use promo code Welcome15 for 30% off on any purchase in December Use for $25 off the first offer for PASTURE-RAISED, GRAIN-FINISHED BLACK ANGUS

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