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Episode 011 – Under The Big Tent – Tom Woods – Matt Welch

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On a very special episode of “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice, libertarians Tom Woods and Matt Welch meet for the first time. Tom Woods is a bestselling author and host of the “The Tom Woods Show” and “Contra Krugman” podcasts. Matt Welch is editor-at large for Reason magazine. Listen as two men from the two wings of the libertarian movement discuss the issues that have caused so much internecine division over the past decades. http://Reason.com http://TomWoods.com https://twitter.com/MattWelch https://twitter.com/ThomasEWoods https://twitter.com/michaelmalice https://Facebook.com/ThomasEWoods/ https://Facebook.com/Reason.Magazine/ https://Facebook.com/MichaelMalice http://patreon.com/michaelmalice Go to http://Merchpump.com for the brand new “YOUR WELCOME” show T-Shirts! Use promo code “YWMM” for a free 14 day trial to the network at https://gasdigitalnetwork.com/high-octane-all-access/ Sponsors: http://betdsi.com – Use code Welcome100 http://heshisocks.com – Use code Welcome30

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