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Episode 011 – The Faculty – Shane Gillis & Diego Lopez

Is an episode of Zac Amico’s Midnight Spook Show that's only available to High Octane All Access listeners. Subscribe now

International Superstar Zac Amico sat down with comedians Shane Gillis and Diego Lopez to watch the 1998 classic The Faculty. The trio discuss their worst highschool experiences, Zac’s time at an alternative school, the iconic stars of the 90’s and their #MeToo status, Zac’s run in with the Weinsteins, vindictive filmmakers, 90’s computer graphics, a fun game of “what was that guy in?’, the craziest highschool football game ever played, plus so much more every week on your new favorite horror movie podcast, Zac Amico’s Midnight Spook Show! Movie Starts at The Mirimax logo at 03:58 Don’t forget you can watch the entire episode, unedited in HD, watching along beat by beat with Zac and his friends every week by signing up at https://GaSDigitalNetwork.com. Try it free for 14 days with promo code ZAC and you’ll save $1.50 a month after that! Follow the whole show: @ZacIsNotFunny, @ShaneMGillis, @ThisDiegoLopez @GaSDigital, @TheChin_

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