Episode 009 – New Years Evil (Brendan Sagalow & Ian Hunt)

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International Superstar Zac Amico sat down with comedians Brendan Sagalow and Ian Hunt to watch Zac’s second favorite New Years Eve horror movie, 1980’s New Years Evil. Full disclosure they were planning on watching Terror Train but we had streaming issues so they settled on a last second audible to a movie they had no clue about, but it all worked out as this movie features one of the most fun kill gimmicks based around a holiday you will ever see, the most versatile band in cinema history plus the boys were all sipping on absinthe through out the show. Plus Zac and Brendan compare notes on their experiences in the punk scene, Brendan talks his fear of horror movie spoofs and all three rejoice at one of the best pre kill lines in cinema history plus so much more every week on your new favorite horror movie podcast, Zac Amico’s Midnight Spook Show! Movie Starts at The MGM lion roar at 06:17 Follow the whole show: @ZacIsNotFunny, @BrendanSagalow, @IHunt, @GaSDigital, @TheChin_

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