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107 IG Planet Cannon (with special guest, Casey Balsham)

Is an episode of Irish Goodbye that's only available to High Octane All Access listeners. Subscribe now

Casey Balsham joins Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon for this week’s episode of Irish Goodbye Podcast. Cannon and Casey express their shared love for plays, musicals, and show tunes. The gang discusses bombing in front of more experienced comedians, Feeney explains breaking his bubbler, and Casey advocates wishing on a leaf. Cannon attended an uncomfortably crowded afterparty for a Colin Quinn show, Feeney went to hot yoga followed by a UFC event where he encountered particularly rude employees, Casey outs Toby McGuire, the boys reminisce about the days of their farting soundboard, and more. Plus Cannon spends the entire episode on another planet having mistimed an edible. Air Date: 01/24/19

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