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093 IG Starstruck (And Hungover)

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It’s hangover city this week, and a real tough one for the boys. Feeney threw up while driving to the studio and keeps a puke bucket next to him, but it’s debatable whose burps sound more sickly. Feeney headlined Caroline’s and the boys recount the afterparty: Cannon hugged Feeney’s dad for a little too long and did a somewhat Irish Goodbye at the end of the night, and Feeney may have had a few too many. Also, Cannon describes an interaction with a starstruck fan, shares a story about being flattered to tears, and expresses continuous disgust with Feeney’s wardrobe choice (even before noticing the vomit). Support our sponsor at PielsBeer.com. Piels is for the people. If you’re over the age of 21 and living in the California area, visit SmokedHoneyCA.com to learn more about Smoked Honey’s amazing distillates. New episode every Monday. Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter @IrishGoodbyePod, @IAmMikeFeeney, @IamMikeCannon, @iamalexscar, @gasdigital …on Instagram @irishgoodbyepodcast, @iammikecannon, @iammikefeeney, @iamalexscar, @gasdigital. Send us an email: Irishgoodbyepodcast@gmail.com

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