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089 IG I-O-Noe

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Feeney recounts cartoon dropping his phone, getting drunk enough to join a shuffleboard league at a hipster bar, and attending a Yankee vs. Red Sox game; & Cannon describes his first muay thai class, being repeatedly asked to roast the new guy at a firehouse gig, details his fail safe plot for kidnapping groups of children, and has a blast disagreeing with Feeney for most of the show. Please visit and use promo code IG to claim up to $1000 in free play. New episode every Monday. Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter @IrishGoodbyePod, @IAmMikeFeeney, @IamMikeCannon, @Daenaface, @gasdigital on Instagram @irishgoodbyepodcast, @iammikecannon, @iammikefeeney, @gasdigital. Send us an email:

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