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080 – Apple Sauce (Dominick Cruz & Chael Sonnen)

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Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss an incident he and Dominick Cruz once had then Dominick Cruz himself calls in to tell his side of the story as well as touch on his plans for his next fight, whether he’s deserving of a title fight and why he thinks TJ Dillashaw is dodging him. After that call ends, Bisping and Luis decide to get back to the Bisping/Cruz fight story and call Bisping’s brother, Adam to get another objective. They move on to discuss Chael Sonnen smack talking Jon Jones on twitter then call Chael to discuss the reason behind his tweeting, who he thinks Jon Jones is gearing up to fight, how he feels about the upcoming match against Fedor Emelianenko, and Till/Woodley prediction. After plenty more the guys wrap up the show with some listener questions. Follow the whole show: @DominickCruz, @ChaelSonnen, @Bisping, @LuisJGomez, @BYMPod, @GaSDigital, @TheChin_, @IMShannonLee

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