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076 IG The Pulp Fiction Of Podcasts

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The boys had a week of Yankees’ games and crazy dreams! Feeney dreamed that he divorced his wife and she moved on in a heart beat; Cannon dreamed that he narrowly avoided death; Feeney figured out the cheese steak hook up at Yankee stadium while Cannon missed out on three innings waiting for his cheese steak; Feeney is teaching his wife how to murder him with the instructional videos in Netflix, Cannon tested his own mortality over the course of his friend’s birthday evening; we hear the most recent installment of Feeney’s prank rampage; and Daena’s attempt to catch a mouse with a snap trap goes horribly wrong. Follow us on Twitter @IrishGoodbyePod, @IAmMikeFeeney, @IamMikeCannon, @Daenaface, @gasdigital; on Instagram @irishgoodbyepodcast, @iammikecannon, @iammikefeeney, @gasdigital. Send us an email: Irishgoodbyepodcast@gmail.com

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