074 IG Homeless Roomba

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The Smirnoff Icing continues with the boys Icing Sagalow for his birthday! Feeney had a fantastic day alone at Coney Island then got rear ended on the way to record the podcast, Cannon admits to way too many driving offenses with zero regard for the statute of limitations, an attempt to order a fresh juice almost turns violent, a homeless guy with a short attention span charged at Cannon, Feeney got the worst dirty martini ever from the nicest bartender ever, and the word play in this ep was top shelf! New episode every Monday. Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter @IrishGoodbyePod, @IAmMikeFeeney, @IamMikeCannon, @Daenaface, @gasdigital. Follow us on Instagram @irishgoodbyepodcast, @iammikefeeney, @iammikecannon, @gasdigital. Send us an email: Irishgoodbyepodcast@gmail.com

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