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072 IG Good Will Harming (with special guest, Tommy Pope)

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Philly descends on NYC in the form of Tommy Pope! This dreamboat lays it on thick with the sarcasm while the boys recount some crazy dreams and their recent gig at Levity Live with Rosebud Baker and Brendan Sagalow. Who was in attendance at said gig? One Kevin Cannon, a.k.a Mike’s agro dad. Meanwhile, Feeney goes go-carting with Rosebud and Sagalow and found out the hard way what a terror Rosebud is behind the wheel. Daena’s thorough and genial email to upcoming guests comes under fire, and Tommy closes the show with a crazy bar fight story that is part Trainspotting and part Judgement Night! Follow us on Twitter @TommyJPope, @IrishGoodbyePod, @IAmMikeFeeney, @IamMikeCannon, @Daenaface, @gasdigital. Send us an email: Irishgoodbyepodcast@gmail.com

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