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0652. Victim Blaming Machine (Random & Kerryn Feehan)

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Random and Kerryn Feehan join Luis J. Gomez and discuss how Random wants to train Kerryn and Kerryn teaching Random how to be “normal”, stalking people with positivity, an attempt to Mind Meld between Random and Kerryn, the newest movie that made Luis cry – Mrs. Doubtfire, the emotional abuse in Kerryn and Luis’ former relationship, Random’s relationship advice on how to keep a guy, Superbowl commercials and so much more!(Air Date: February 8th, 2021)Follow the whole show: @MarkRandomX, @KFreehams, @LuisJGomez, @ZacIsNotFunny, @GaSDigital, @ShannonLee6982, @DylanJNegri

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