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0567. Fatfield And McCoy (Ian Fidance & Mike Cannon)

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Luis is out today (or at least that’s what we were lead to believe) so Zac Amico and Ian Fidance bring you another edition of Bi-Guys! Joined by Mike Cannon they discuss proper condom storage and usage, getting pranked, schools reopening in NYC, working manual labor jobs, the black kid selling “N-word passes” to his white friends, the tech millionaire who was murdered by a hitman, Ellen Degeneres’s employees claiming they were subjected to a toxic work environment, the 19-year old woman caught on a doorbell camera raping little boys, the man who paid a homeless person $6 to do a backflip and so much more (including a surprise drop-in mid-episode)!Follow the whole show: @IAmMikeCannon, @IanFidance, @ZacIsNotFunny, @LuisJGomez, @GaSDigital, @ShannonLee6982, @DylanNegri

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