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0537. Nein Point Nein (Brendan Sagalow & Chris From BK)

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Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico are joined by Brendan Sagalow, Mark Random and Chris From Bk for the longest episode of Real Ass Podcast to date! In between playing some Quiplash they discuss the return of Luis’s look, the new Mark Random, Random’s talking doll, Luis’s Bill Cosby picture, the fake Carole Baskin interview, a round of What’re You Snackin’ On, murder hornets, the TikTok landlady and so much more! Follow the whole show: @BrendanSagalow, @MarkRandomX, @ChrisFromBKLYN, @LuisJGomez, @ZacIsNotFunny, @HSRadioShow, @GaSDigital, @TheMHarrington, @ShannonLee6982

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