0517. Whalatee (Mark Normand & Kerryn Feehan)

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Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico are joined by Mark Normand and Kerryn Feehan and discuss the silver lining of a pandemic, government handouts vs bank freezes, sad internet videos, Kerryn’s Only Fans page, average time sex takes, Kerryn’s vagina, Harrington’s funfetti cake, how people are going to come out of the quarantine, Mark witnessing a stabbing, Justin Silver shaving Harrington’s back, celebs with big penises, what the country should really be focused on and so much more!Follow the whole show: @MarkNorm, @KFreehams, @LuisJGomez, @ZacIsNotFunny, @GaSDigital, @ShannonLee6982, @TheMHarrington

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