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0515. Mopin’ And Popin’ (Monroe Martin & Tracey Carnazzo)

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Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico are joined by Monroe Martin and Tracey Carnazzo and discuss Tracey being sad today, pre-quarantine Luis, Skankfest being postponed, who’s the nerd between Derek Gaines and Monroe Martin, Tracey’s DVD presents, what State Of Emergency means, hoax coronavirus texts, training update on Harrington vs Dylan and when the fight will be rescheduled to, Thailand monkeys fighting over food, when Luis and Shannon first met on YKWD and so much more!Follow the whole show: @MonroeMartinIII, @TrixieTuzzini, @LuisJGomez, @ZacIsNotFunny, @GaSDigital, @ShannonLee6982, @DylanNegri

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