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026 TLAE Tour d’Italia

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On the twenty-sixth episode of The Lisa Ann Experience, Lisa sits in for what will be her last solo podcast for several months. An upcoming tour of Europe and Australia has her focused on preparing excellent content before she leaves. In preparation, she has been researching vlogging cameras, curating photo shoots, booking guests, and brushing up on her strip club-appropriate Italian. Naturally, Rocco Siffredi comes to mind, and oh yes, Lisa has a story about him. It’s National Masturbation Month and how fun that it coincides with Lisa’s birthday, and it’s AMA time! Send in questions and guest suggestions to Episode Highlights: 2:30 National Masturbation Month 8:50 trip to Italy & Australia 21:45 stripper vocabulary 25:30 new scene coming out 29:30 working with Rocco Siffredi Please check out INFINITECBD.COM, promo code LISA15 Email questions to the show at: & make sure to check out Lisa’s blog at: Follow on Twitter @thereallisaann, @Daenaface, @gasdigital.

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