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015: The Show That Was Promised

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Marissa Rives and James L Mattern are BACK! Coming off a long hiatus, Marissa and James jump right back into the world of Westeros. They run down where each character left off at the end of season 6. They also go into some of their predictions of where all your favorite characters might end up at the end of season 7. Will Cersei Lannister play nice with others? Or will she be reunited with her children in that inbred castle in the sky? Will Daenerys and Jon Snow fall in love? Fight to the death? Or become a powerful first cousin duo to rayne hell on “The Queen’s Guard” and the Ice Walker army? What role will Bron play in all of this? And does Sansa Stark have a “Little Finger” in her? Marissa Rives and James L. Mattern discuss it all! Plus Marissa introduces us to a new mascot! It’s a Dire Wolf and he/she needs a name! Marissa suggested Fiesta, James was leaning towards Ice, but they want you to decide! Contact them on twitter @TheMarissaRives and @JamesLMattern and give them your suggestions! Maybe you can name our new mascot! Make sure to tune in every Sunday night at 10:15pm where we will react with you, give show run downs, discussions and more!

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