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003 TT – Scratch The Itch (Jesse Itzler)

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Jesse Itzler (entrepreneur, author and former rapper) joins Tank Sinatra this week to discuss the big decision that changed the course of Jesse’s life, being broke and having to couch surf, composing jingles for sports teams, not having any prior experience in any of his endeavors including starting a jet company without any knowledge of planes or connections to wealthy people and turning it into a $5 million yearly revenue company, not fearing failure, knowing your own weaknesses and strengths, treating others the right way, being married to the creator of Spanx and how Jesse’s wife Sarah became so successful, living with monks, the difference between self-esteem and ego boosts, the importance of commitment and grit and so much more! Follow the whole show: @JesseItzler (IG), @Tank.Sinatra (IG)

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