New to GDN – It’s time to SHAME ON!

Every week hosts Kerryn Feehan & Myka Fox will pick a different group to shame!  So all the haters out there get ready to Shame On!   The show joins GDN on Thursdays – and will serve as a lead in to long time GDN show (part of the original fab four) High Society Radio, as… Read more »

This week in GaS

This week in GaS

We have a GREAT week here to get fueled up about!  First of all today at 6PM – Part of The Problem with Dave Smith – and with everything that’s going on lately with shootings, Trump, and more – you definitely want to check in at 6PM.   Then at 9PM The SDR Show has… Read more »

This Week In GaS

We’ve got some nifty shirts now available.  Maybe you hit the merch button, and maybe you buy something eh?