1) MAKE SURE YOUR AUDIO QUALITY IS HIGH! There are thousands of podcasts to choose from and podcast fans are fickle. Have a slight buzz in your podcast? Don’t expect a new listener to spend more than 30 seconds giving you a chance. Luckily podcast equipment, like most other technology, has become very affordable. For… Learn more

It’s TIME for the RSS feed :D

We made the big announcement recently that the master of UFC ceremonies BRUCE BUFFER is coming to GaS Digital!  His show will officially launch within the next few weeks!   And today we are happy to announce that the RSS feed is LIVE.  Here’s how it works.  First off you must be a subscriber to… Learn more

An update to the schedule!

As of this week – 2 shows are moving to Wednesday.  Hammerfisting is now at 5PM ET, and Comedy Pump is at 7PM ET.   Are we making room for some new shows?  Maybe.  😀

New to GDN – It’s time to SHAME ON!

Every week hosts Kerryn Feehan & Myka Fox will pick a different group to shame!  So all the haters out there get ready to Shame On!   The show joins GDN on Thursdays – and will serve as a lead in to long time GDN show (part of the original fab four) High Society Radio, as… Learn more

This week in GaS

We have a GREAT week here to get fueled up about!  First of all today at 6PM – Part of The Problem with Dave Smith – and with everything that’s going on lately with shootings, Trump, and more – you definitely want to check in at 6PM.   Then at 9PM The SDR Show has… Learn more

This Week In GaS

We’ve got some nifty shirts now available.  Maybe you hit the merch button, and maybe you buy something eh?