Aug 14 2017

Toping off the tank 8/6-8/11

by MikeH

A recap of everything GaS for the week of 8/6



James and Marissa kicked off another excellent week at GaS with their weekly recap of HBO’s mega-series Game of Thrones. In this week’s episode the pair find out what a ballista is, argue over battlefield etiquette for a commander and James flat out threatens to quit Game of Thrones all together. Check out this awesome clip.



The dream team was back at it for Mondays show with Zack Amico back in the co-hosting chair with Luis J. Gomez leading the way. The pair invited in the hilarious Ian Fidance and Myka Fox of Shame On fame. The quartet covered numerous subjects such as the legitimacy of the roast battle format, the beef between Anthony Cumia and John Stewart and they even touched on a girl who talked her boyfriend into suicide. Check out this clip.


Michael “the count” Bisping had a lot to talk about on this week’s BYM. He started off talking about tales of robbery and heroism in Hawaii before going in on the issues with 10-8 rounds, MMA’s new unified rules and how confusing some judges can be on a given night. They closed the episode out with co-host Luis J. Gomez informing the middleweight champion about some unkind words from Luke Rockhold, Robert Whitaker and Tyron Woodley. Check out the write up and an audio highlight of some of Bisping’s choice words for Rockhold here.

Bisping responds to Rockhold “Your head was bouncing around like a f—ing pinball machine” (Full Audio)


Dave Smith was back at it Monday with a great episode about wealth and the economy. It was a very interesting look at the growth of wealth in the US from the late 1800’s to today. Co-host Robbie Bernstein pulled up a chart and the two went through it pointing out high points of government spending as opposed to the wealth created by the free market. Check out this awesome clip and get educated.


Ralph Sutton had to do without Big Jay on Monday, so he called on a pinch hitter in Luis J. Gomez. The networks co-founders welcomed in the band Midnight Crisis. They chatted about the guy trying to get Luis fired from GaS, tried snorting chocolate and even played a song in studio. Check out the clip here.



Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta welcomed Cannibal Corpse singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher to talk about his nerves singing for Cannibal Corpse for the first time, where he ranks on the list of favorite Jasta show guests and the awkwardness of taking over for someone departing a band. This was an excellent episode, and don’t forget you can sign up for GaS Digital with Promocode JASTA to check out all the episodes he recorded backstage on the Vans Warped Tour.


Tim was on fire this week! Co-Host Ray Kump sat down with Tim during the Unite the Right rally to discuss the descent into madness. That didn’t stop Tim and Ray going down the typical rabbit hole of madness talking everything from hoarders to cellphone kiosk salesmen to Aaron Carter using bisexuality as an out to his recent DUI. Tim is always hilarious but this episode was truly bonkers.


It’s Summer Tourney time at The Roastmasters. Host Luis J. Gomez welcomed in celebrity judges Joe List, Big Jay Oakerson, Rich Vos and Bonnie Mcfarlane to judge the opening round of the tourney to decide who would face either Patrick Schroeder or Eli Sairs for the Unified Roast Belt. The main event was an awesome 7 joke exhibition battle between Pat Dixon and Mike Cannon but the tournament had everyone going nuts. The 8 battlers taking the stage next week have a lot to live up to after the four opening round contests this week. Check out this instant classic battle between Dina Hashem and Dave Kinney.



Luis J. Gomez started off on Wednesday inviting in Tim Dillon to fill Zack’s co-host chair along with guest Mike Recine. Mike started off the episode going full heel on his Roastmasters win Tuesday night, stating men are simply better at roasting than women ahead of his second round battle with Dina Hashem. The Three comics then transitioned to talk about SJWs, the changes to Coney Island over the years and a great conversation about the impending nuclear holocaust. Things got hot between Tim and Mike, check out the clip.


The Hammerfisting boys were whole on Wednesday with in studio hosts Ricky Bones and Matty Jesterskulls joined by Chris Tinkle via Skype. The hosts talked about a bomb threat on Chris’ block, a UFC Fight Night card beating a Boxing title fight in ratings and the war of words between Conor Mcgregor and Paul Malignaggi.


The ladies of Shame On, Myka Fox and Kerryn Feehan decided to aim high for a change taking on the country of Canada on this week’s episode. The comedians welcomed on Alex Pavone to discuss Myka’s sordid past as a Canadian circus performer before ripping on our neighbors to the north. The hosts debunked the myth of a cool Canadian celebrity and made fun of Alex pending CTE related death before asking questions like is maple syrup a basic food group?


The Skanks were live from the hive at the Creek and The Cave on Wednesday night. Hosts Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith welcomed on friend of the network Owen Benjamin. The Skanks started off the episode mocking Luis’ foray into online shopping before reminiscing about the good old days of just robbing companies through the mail. Of course it’s impossible to get Dave and Owen in a room together without dipping a toe into politics, so of course our pending nuclear war with North Korea was on the table. Luis took the opportunity to turn intern Luke into his racist Asian puppet in this classic clip.



Without a guest for the first time in over a month host Bruce Buffer and co-host TJ Desantis took the full hour to discuss current events of the day. It wouldn’t be a discussion with fight fans if Mcgregor vs Mayweather wasn’t brought up and the two did a deep dive on the pending superfight including Conor’s pending return to MMA. The pair also discussed a crazy story about kidnappers in Europe, the dichotomy between state and local Marijuana legalization and mental health issues. This was a jam packed episode with many hot takes from the veteran voice of the octagon, you don’t want to miss it.


Hosts Mike Feeney and Mike Cannon, both hot off wins at Roastmasters on Tuesday have settled in nicely to their new home at GaS Digital Studios. The pair started off talking about their love of HBO’s The Defiant Ones before Cannon went into a harrowing tale about tripping at a pet store and later Feeney breaks down the asshole melting pot that created his Mike Cannon impression, check out the clip.


High Society Radio saw Chris from Brooklyn, Bronx Johnny and Chris Stanley together in studio with guest Nick Deleon. The quartet talked the work of Chris Nolan, the joys of unemployment and video game disappointments. This highlight was just bonkers with the boys somehow covering crypto currency, Chris Stanleys birthday, and the finer points of skating around racism. 



Jamie opened up the Friday edition of his show opening the mailbag from fanbridge and answering pressing questions from the fans before welcoming on Jesse Margera and fans live backstage at The Vans Warped Tour. The two rockstars discussed Ice Cubes 3 on 3 basketball league, using celebrity to get into a wrestling show and trying to hustle downed lumber from the forest around Jesse’s house.


Host Dave Smith was ready to rock Friday night. After a week of almost every show on the network touching on escalating tensions with North Korea there was no way Dave wasn’t going to tackle the issue hard. Dave and co-host Robbie debated Trumps strategy to deal with Kim Jung Un, with Dave admonishing the POTUS for talking smack while in an active hostage situation. The pair discussed the effectiveness of trade sanctions and the political capital that comes with war mongering. Dave really brought it this episode, bringing a level headed, big picture look at this wild situation gripping headlines across the nation.

Aug 8 2017

Roastmasters Tournament 2017 Preview

by MikeH

Mike Feeney (5-2)



This years overall favorite Mike Feeney has been on a tear recently. Mike took down Corey Reppond in a co-main event at his last battle at the stand before heading out to L.A. producing the only New York win on the undercard at The Comedy Store. One half of the Irish Goodbye Podcast Mike is an absolute beast at roasting and was on the short list for early favorites and after the brackets came out he was considered by many a stone cold lock to make the final four. But a tough tests awaits him in round 1 as Emily Winter is no slouch.

Opening round: -300

Odds to win it all: +300


Joel Walkowski (4-4)



The highest ranked battler in the tournament, many are asking why Joel is even in the tournament? After the slugfest of a first battle with champ Eli Sairs and his immaculate record recently, a title shot seems like a near certainty. But Joel is never one to back down from a challenge as his masterful win against Erik Bergstrom in a main event battle proved. Detroits favorite roasting son is clearly a heavy favorite to win it all, even with the gauntlet of a bracket he’s going to have to fight through. His first test in Mookie Thompson is certainly no walk in the park.

Opening round: -350

Odds to win it all: +350


Katie Hannigan (4-0)


Katie Hannigan.jpg

Indianapolis native Katie Hannigan is one of only two undefeated battlers in the tournament and with her 7th overall ranking it’s clear to see why she’s a favorite to win it all. Katie popped up on everyone’s radar with her incredible win over Mookie Thompson back in May. That got her a shot a the main event on the strength of just three battles. To her credit she did not back down taking down Corey Reppond in a 3 round slugfest that went to a one more joke sudden death. The win vaulted her into the top 10 and proved she doesn’t shrink on the big stage, this tournament could very well be her coming out party, assuming of course she gets through tough first round test in Elon Altman.

Opening Round: -200

Odds to win it all: +500


Mike Recine


The highest ranked tournament battler outside of the top 25 on The Roastmasters rankings, the New Jersey product is a wildcard in this tournament. Mike hasn’t been on stage roasting much since his appearance on Roast Battle Season 1, but he has been a go to resource for many battlers behind the scenes helping them to prepare for big opponents. Now Mike’s ready to take his own shot at the title and it starts with a very tough test in the opening round against Erica Spera.

Opening round: -175

Odds to win it all: +500


Erik Bergstrom (2-4)



Veteran of the Roast Battle Season 2 prelims, Erik may not have the strongest record, but he’s never once failed to bring his A game to a battle. Who could forget his joke with the number 6 repeated over and over burying deep under Eli Sair’s skin or his hilarious Retards at the zoo book in the second round against Joel Walkowski. He may have lost both battles, but memorable moments are what make for Roastmasters lore and Minnesota’s Bergstrom is without a doubt unforgettable. The Comedy Central half hour alum is the biggest opening round favorite against Freddy G.

Opening round: -400

Odds to win it all: +550


Erica Spera (3-0)


The only other undefeated battler in the tournament, Erica Spera is not to be taken lightly. The highest ranking first round dog in the competition Spera has more than held her own in every battle she’s been in at the The Stand since she first took the stage in April. She’s beaten a who’s who of veterans in her short run to 3-0, taking down Liz Magee, Eli Yudin, and most recently a main event battle against Ian Fidance. Her first round battle against Mike Recine should be an absolute slugfest.

Opening round: +150

Odds to win it all: +650

Rosebud Baker (6-2)


It’s tough to find a record much better than Rosebud’s as you scroll through the top 25. Despite a razor close decision that went to Emily Winter, Rosebud has been on fire this year at The Roastmasters. She’s a heavy hitter, but shes in for quite a test in her first round battle with Ian Fidance, undoubtedly the closest in the first round.

First Round: -105

Odds to win it all: +900


Ian Fidance


Described by Legion of Skanks Dave Smith as a “70’s poet” Fidance has the most entertaining stage presence of anyone in the tournament. Using pizzaz and twirls he very nearly won a decision in a main event against Erica Spera last month. His unorthodox style and charming delivery will certainly be a challenge for Rosebud Baker in what looks to be a coin flip of a first round match.

First Round: -105

Odds to win it all: +1000


Myka Fox (2-2)


The always outspoken Myka Fox is suited perfectly for The Roastmasters. Her always cutting and razor sharp wit have lead to some memorable moments at the Stand. Now the Co-host of Shame On believes it’s her time for a title shot. There’s little doubt that if she can get past her very evenly matched tilt with Corey Reppond she’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the later rounds.

Opening round: +110

Odds to win it all: +1200


Elon Altman (2-3)


It’s rare you’ll see a sub .500 battler in a tournament of this magnitude, much less considered in the middle of the pack to take it all down. But the New York’s very own, Elon Altman has been bucking trends for years. The diminutive Roaster brought his record up to an even 2-2 with a huge win against Jay Welch before dominating Lindsey Jennings early, only to lose thanks to some late controversy and a slightly unfair crowd vote. Elon is without a doubt one of the toughest outs in this tournament and if he were on the left side of the bracket his odds would be much shorter, but his first round matchup against Katie Hannigan is only the first of many difficult hurdles between him and a title.

Opening round: +180

Odds to win it all: +1200


Dina Hashem (2-1)


Possibly the biggest snub from the last season of the Roastbattle prelims, Dina was an absolute monster against Aaron Berg at The Village Underground. Her minimalist style is awesome an incredible juxtaposition to her deep and cutting barbs. The New Jersey native is certainly a dark horse, but given her side of the bracket, if she can get through a very close test in Dave Kinney she’s got a real shot at shocking the world.

Opening round: -120

Odds to win it all: +1200


Dave Kinney (3-1)


Hardly a gentle giant when it comes to The Roastmasters stage, Dave Kinney has been a beast this summer. He kicked it off beating Lindsey Jennings back in June before destroying KP Burke in a co-main event just 2 weeks ago. Dave is running hot and seems to have found his groove at the right time for this tournament. The host of Saving the Dolphins is the other side of the very tough to call first round matchup with Dina Hashem. A win early could see the South Florida product making a deep run in the tournament.

Opening round: +110

Odds to win it all: +1500


Corey Reppond (8-4)


Tired of his reputation as a “gatekeeper” to the top 10, Corey Reppond is ready stake his claim to a title shot. Two of Corey’s four losses have come at the hands of top seeds in this tournament, meanwhile he alternated those losses decimating Chrissie Mayr and Victor Varnado. He has the longest odds of anyone in the tournament favored to win their first round matchup, and will prove to be a tough out for everyone he faces, especially Myka Fox.

Opening round: -120

Odds to win it all: +2000


Emily Winter (3-1)


Don’t let her wide smile deceive you, Emily Winter is a killer. She proved as much in her main event win over Rosebud Baker back in June, now Winter enters the tournament looking for a shot at the title. The Illinois native is one of the biggest underdogs as far as the overall odds go, but she’s proven she’s a master of the unexpected. Mike Feeney certainly won’t be looking past this opening round matchup.

Opening round: +265

Odds to win it all: +3000


Mookie Thompson


Mookie recently fell out of the top 25 rankings after Katie Hannigan stole his soul a few months back. But he’s been a little too busy to redeem himself, performing all over the city, opening for The Lucas Brothers at JFL and hosting The NYC Blunt Club. But now the rapper turned comic is back with a vengeance and has a real shot at a cinderella story and redemption if he can get past highest ranked battler Joel Walkowski.

Opening round: +300

Odds to win it all: +4000


FreddyG (3-1)


The ‘68 Jets, The Miracle on Ice, Buster Douglas, those guys would have nothing on FreddyG if he can win this tournament. Freddy saw his two battle win streak snapped by Jess Salomon before he bounced back in an excellent battle against Raanan Hershberg. Now one half of Model and the Mensch is up for his biggest task to date, an opening round battle against seasoned roaster Erik Bergstrom. Sure, he’s the longest odds to win the tournament and the biggest dog in the first round, but with his unique blend of confidence and “aww shucks” charm that seems to land well with judges, I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

Opening round: +360

Odds to win it all: +5000


Come on down this Tuesday to The Stand NYC at 10:30 PM to catch the first round of this incredible tournament. Tickets are just $5 with promo code MASTERS get them before they sell out! If you can’t make it out but still want to catch it live head here to sign up with GaS Digital Network. Use the promocode ROAST for a 14 day free trial and 15% off monthly membership after that. Members can watch live and join in on the chat or whenever it’s convenient for you. Plus you get the ad free audio version early, access to the Roastmasters archives to relive classic battles as well as all the other great content on the network. If you can’t sign up help us out and follow on Itunes and be sure to leave a 5 star ranking and a positive review.

Big thanks to BetDSI for hosting the battle odds. To sign up head to and use promocode Roast25 for an extra 25 dollars to play with and use it to bet on your favorite roasters. One last time here’s what all the odds look like on Betdsi right now.


Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.57.09 PM.png


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Aug 7 2017

Bisping responds to Rockhold “Your head was bouncing around like a f—ing pinball machine” (Full Audio)

by MikeH

Michael Bisping took to the airwaves on Monday to set the record straight for the slew of naysayers that have come out of the woodwork since he announced that he will fight GSP at UFC 214. Bisping’s co-host on the “Believe You Me” podcast, comedian Luis J. Gomez, presented the middleweight champion with a series of quotes from some top fighters.   


Luke Rockhold was the loudest of his detractors, stating to ESPN that:

Bisping has fought nobody in the top 10 for the last year-and-a-half and still isn’t going to fight anybody in the top 10. Where does that put him? I think they should pull the title from guys like that who don’t fight anybody at the top. They pulled the title from [Germaine de Randamie] because she wouldn’t fight the No. 1 contender. Why is this any f–king different?


The middleweight champion laughed it off at first reminding everyone that Rockhold is “campaigning for the guy that knocked him out cold to be stripped rather than saying listen– let me fight him, let me get a rematch, let me beat him… No he’s asking the UFC to strip me”. The Count continued, explaining that he agreed to fight the winner of the interim title fight between the #1 and #2 ranked middleweights– guaranteeing that his next matchup would not only be against a top 10, but a top 2 fighter. “Whitaker won and he’s injured so shut the f–k up.”  Bisping capped the Rockhold talk with another friendly reminder as to where the former champion stands in the division.

I’m gonna fight Robert Whitaker, who’s the number one contender. It’s not gonna be you Luke Rockhold;  that got knocked the f–k out cold in three minutes, ok? Your head was bouncing around like a f—ing pinball machine, ok? You’re fighting David Branch. I don’t know who David Branch is, by all accounts he’s a very tough fighter coming from another organization, making his UFC F—ing debut. Shut the f–k up. Go fight Billy no name; hopefully win. Get yourself back in the title talk buddy. Don’t sit out there talking shit from the sidelines.” Bisping threw on a hilarious impression of Rockhold before reminding everyone listening that Luke Rockhold is “a f—ing joke; You are a vagina. If you have a problem come see me!”


Although the champ got his facts just a little twisted (Branch debuted in a unanimous decision win vs Krystof Jotko at UFC 211) it’s clear that there’s still heat with Rockhold. Hopefully the part-time model gets back on track with a win against Branch at UFC Fight Night 116, because it would be a fight fan’s dream come true to see these two square off in a rubber match somewhere down the road.


Robert Whitaker was next. The interim champion told ESPN that he could fight before the year was over but he didn’t disparage Bisping or the UFC, as it is a money fight. Bisping praised the Aussie saying


Whitaker is a level headed, educated, intelligent man. As opposed to Luke Rockhold who is a volatile, nasty, spiteful little human being who’s on his period right now by all accounts. No, I actually messaged Robert before the GSP fight happened. I sent him a message on Instagram the other day I said ‘Rob I hope the knees healing well, do you think you’ll be able to fight by the end of the year?’ and he said ‘yeah, looking like it.’ I said ‘ok great ya know, best of luck with that.’ and it was all very civil, all very good, he’s a decent guy but then the UFC came out with this GSP fight so that’s going ahead. Listen that’s November 4th. That’s not that long away, and then me and Rob will get it on shortly after that.


He saved Tyron Woodley for last. The current welterweight king went on Ariel Helwani’s show “The MMA Hour” to gripe about Dana White and the UFC before dragging Bisping into the crossfire. “So while I’m out her fighting No. 1 contenders back-to-back-to-back while Bisping gets to take a long hiatus– faking a knee injury, not fighting Yoel, coming back to fight Georges, and fighting Dan Henderson who is outside top 15.” Bisping was taken aback because he defended Woodley against criticism about fighting a ‘boring’ fight against Demian Maia.


I was kinda scratching my head– just because everyone is taking a dump on you now, just because the crowd booed, just because everyone was checking f—ing Instagram whilst you were fighting. That ain’t my fault buddy; and don’t throw s–t onto me to deflect onto you. I was a little miffed. I didn’t understand. Tyron, you’ve got my number buddy… I don’t hold it against him. I really don’t, he’s a good dude and I think he was just in a bad place.


Check out the full audio covering all three fighters below.

Be sure to catch the rest of the episode here starting 8/8 at midnight to hear about Michaels brush with crime and feats of heroism in Hawaii, his thoughts on his fight with GSP and his take on the new unified rules. Don’t forget you can sign up to listen now and catch all future episodes live and join in on the chat here just use promo code BYM to try a 14 day free trial and save 15% off monthly membership after that.


-Mike Harrington, GaS Digital Network. Follow me @The_Chin

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Aug 1 2017


by BobbyHutch

It’s back on! Michael Bisping confirmed on his podcast, Believe You Me, earlier today saying “There you go, the fight is on, November 4th, Madison Square Garden, Michael Bisping vs. GSP.” The much maligned fight seemed destined to happen, despite the long and twisted road it took to get there. Remember, back in May Dana White officially canceled it and set up an interim title fight between Yoel Romero and Robert Whitaker and stated that “Rush” would make his return at welterweight.

A week ago St. Pierre came on the show with Bisping and Co-Host Luis J. Gomez to talk about the possibility of resurrecting the fight following Whitaker’s unfortunate knee injury. Sustained during the interim title fight, the MCL injury will keep Whitaker out of action until well into 2018. Despite an entertaining back and forth between the Brit and the Canadian where both men clearly started a desire to fight each other, the promoter stuck to his guns. According to White, “Listen, the Bisping ship has sailed…” and GSP would fight the winner of the Woodley vs Maia fight at UFC 214. The promoter was singing a different tune Saturday night after the co-main event left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. In the post fight press conference White said “that ship turned around and sailed the f**k back.”

On today’s episode of Believe You Me, The Mountain, the middleweight champion described how “…So I’d given up on that fight… then I’m doing the Fox post fight show and yada yada yada then we finish and I take off my microphone and all that stuff. And then they’re talking in the ear pieces and Kenny Florian was still connected and then uh Kennys like MIKE MIKE MIKE Wait there, and the control room are talking to him and he said, apparently Dana that you get the next fight with GSP… and then boom I get a text from Dana saying ‘Call me’”. After a bit of phone tag it was settled, the fight would be at UFC 217 on November 4th at the World’s Most Famous Arena, MSG. This marks 2 straight years the UFC is heading to The Garden for their biggest show of the fall. No word yet on when the contracts will be signed or whether or not the fight will be the main event. Given the fact though, that Bisping has headlined 4 straight cards and GSP hasn’t been in a Co-Main event since 2009, and this fight feels like a shoe in to top the bill of what will certainly be a star studded PPV event. Just 2 weeks ago Max Holloway was speculating that a bout between he and Frankie Edgar would appear on the November card, as well as the long awaited battle between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw. Whoever flanks the two veteran warriors, it’s clear, The Garden will belong to a foreigner this November.

Below is the full audio of Bisping describing his call with Dana White and announcing the official date and venue.

Also included is audio from Bisping and Gomez interviewing former WEC champion and UFC hall of famer, Urijah Faber.

And lastly, the Audio of Believe You Me’s interview with former UFC welterweight champion and now middleweight title contender, George St. Pierre from last week’s episode.

To watch live every Monday at 3:30 EST (and starting August 17th Twice a week) go sign up at and use the promo code BYM for your 14 day free trial and $1 off the monthly subscription.

Feb 26 2017

25 Comedians Share The Best Advice They’ve Ever Received

by iamralphsutton


Advice is like HPV, anyone who’s lived a little, has some to give you! In the world of comedy and podcasting there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. The business is built on relationships and a simple faux pas can set you back years. Plus, in the new digital media world, mistakes on stage and podcasts can live on the internet forever. In the past twelve years of performing stand up comedy I’ve received some great advice and I’ve made a lot of successful and talented friends. I decided to reach out to some of them and ask them to share some of the best advice they’ve received about comedy or podcasting. I’ll start off with two pieces of advice that I received when I was very early in my career that stuck with me.


  1. “No matter how bad it may seem, keep showing up.” – Joey Gay


I’ve played this advice back in my head any time I have thought about quitting comedy. No matter what mood I’m in. No matter how much it feels like the business doesn’t give a crap, I just keep showing up. Weirdly, I haven’t seen Joey in years.


  1. “Don’t waste your time opening for people. Just headline. It does more for you to headline a “C” room than it does for you to open for someone in an “A” room.” – Jamie Kilstein


This advice was given to me when I was mere months in comedy. While I didn’t stick to this as a rigid rule, it has guided a lot of the decisions I’ve made so far in my career. What I really took from this was that we are in control of our careers. When I started out there seemed to be a set of guidelines to follow. Build your five minutes into fifteen minutes so you could work the clubs in the city. Then start emceeing on the road wherever you could and try to build the fifteen minutes into twenty-five so you could “feature”! Then after a few years of featuring, with some luck, you can make your way to headlining! Bleck! It reminds of of the scene in Coming To America where Louie Anderson’s character Maurice is talking about making his way up the ranks at the fast food restaurant “McDowell’s”.


“Hey, I started out mopping the floor just like you guys. But now… now I’m washing lettuce. Soon I’ll be on fries; then the grill. In a year or two, I’ll make assistant manager, and that’s when the big bucks start rolling in.”


The truth is there are no rules. We spend so much time romanticizing and respecting “the art of stand up comedy” that Vine stars and Youtubers zip right past us. There’s no five or ten year plan and there’s no teams. People that start years after you can lap you in the industry. I made a decision early on in my career that I would always sell myself as the show. No one is going to sell you better than you sell yourself. We’ve all heard that you’ve got to be your own manager, agent, and PR firm but most importantly you have to be your own biggest fan. (Jamie Kilstein has since blocked me on all social media platforms.)


And now some great second hand advice from some great first class comics!


Mark Normand

Two best pieces of advice I’ve gotten were:


  1. “Stop worrying so much about being funny. Relax. You’re a funny guy. It’ll be funny because it’s you. If you sit there and sift over what’s funny and what isn’t, before you know it, the set is over.” – My Therapist
  2. I nervously ran a bit by Louis CK and he said, “it’s a funny idea but who cares? Every bit is funnier if it’s personal. Make it more about you.”


Robert Kelly

Stand Up:

  1. “No advice. Just fucking do it. Just get on stage and find who you are. And how can someone else tell you that.” – Joe Rogan


  1. “Do your podcast by yourself. That way when one guy is always late or not into doing it anymore

you’re not fucked and have to start over or find someone else.” – Bill Burr


Mike Lawrence

A lot of what I’ve learned is from watching people. In terms of actual advice, Tom Papa, who gave me my first writing job, taught me not to take it personally if a joke gets cut.


Mo Mandel

“It’s like you’re in a staring contest with the crowd, you just can’t look away.” – Bill Burr on how to get laughs while doing dark material.


Aaron Berg

A Canadian comic named Gavin Stevens… I said “this crowd is gonna suck.” He said “never prejudge any audience. It takes you out of the moment.”


Also Luis J. Gomez told me, “don’t pull out”.


Monroe Martin

“Just have as much fun as possible. It’s never that serious.” – Keith Robinson


Adam Hunter

My wrestling coach in college Mark Gumble told the team… “If you’re not thinking of quitting, you’re not working hard enough.” I apply it to comedy all the time.


Bonnie McFarlane

Best advice was I should quit. I wish I had listened.


I’m clearly depressed in my hotel room at Mohegan Sun.


Jim Norton

This is going to sound really trite. It was probably my uncle Mark who was an actor at the time. Very early in my career he told me: “Every day I ask myself, what have I done for my career today?”


That’s what forced me to do sets every night, what forced me to write. It prevented me from having a day where I didn’t do anything. If I heard that advice today I would probably consider it too basic but in the beginning it was exactly what I needed to hear.


Sam Morril

“Get FUNNIER!” – Dave Attell


Kurt Metzger

The two things that are still great advice that sound kind of simple but I always forget are:


  1. Let the audience come to you a little bit. Don’t throw yourself out at them too much.


  1. Don’t make tonight’s crowd the crowd from last night. Be in the moment with them.


Bobby Collins told me those when I opened up for him at Mohegan Sun years ago. Very nice guy and solid advice.


Gary Vider

I interviewed Tracy Morgan when I was in college. I actually lied and said I worked for the school newspaper. I just wanted to pitch him this idea I had. So I go meet him and I said “I have this idea…”, and before I could say another word he said “Then make it. Whatever idea you have don’t let anyone tell you if it’s good or bad. Don’t ask my opinion.”


Greg Stone

“The jokes are all that matter as bench marks. TV is cool but you can’t control it. You can only control your jokes so just work on them.” – Greg Warren


Mike Vecchione

When I was in Philly… Joe DeRosa, who had been in NYC for 8 months living with Big Jay Oakerson, gave me some advice. I was on the fence about moving. He came back to Philly and said, “What are you doing? You’ve gone as far as you can go here. Can’t you see that? Just move. Stop overthinking it. You can do anything in NYC that you can do in Philly and in NYC, at least you give yourself the chance to be more successful. Comics have shows on television up here. You will become a better comic. There are killers up here. It will force you to raise your game. You will figure it out one day at a time when you get up here.”


I moved two months later.


Andrew Schulz

“Only ask questions you want to know the answer to.” I think it comes from Patrice O’neal but Big Jay Oakerson might have told me that Patrice told him.


That applies to comedy, podcasts, or life in general.


Sal Vulcano

“Be yourself but be different.”


Don Rickles told me that. Don FUCKING Rickles!


Dante Nero

On podcasting: Sound is everything. If people can’t hear your podcast clearly, they won’t listen. Spend the money so your sound quality is good. That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars, but you need to find inexpensive ways to make the sound quality of your podcast easy to listen to.


Rich Vos

Years ago, David Sayh, who did Carson 14 times, told me don’t use props. I tell young comics to scram.


Joe DeRosa

“Keep kicking them in the nuts.” George Carlin


Mike Recine

One time Mike Vecchione told me that Marines like being Marines because they find a way to embrace how much it sucks. Like, sitting around writing jokes for hours at a time is an unpleasant experience but you have to do it. So don’t expect it to be fun and find a way to embrace the shittiness of it.


Joe List

Gary Gulman told me to just keep my head down and work as hard as possible at getting as funny as I can be and not to worry about the industry or what anyone else is getting or doing.


Tim Dillon advised me to suck his dick.


Jared Fried

The best advice I’ve gotten was from a good friend of mine. He said, “Do the things you think are funny and not the things you think everyone else will think is funny”.


Dan Soder

When I started in Arizona, a comic named Ben Creed told me, “Work hard, be funny, and don’t be a dick to the waitstaff.” Best advice I’ve ever gotten.


Dave Smith

“Whether you’re the first guy starting or the last guy on the bench I will give everyone a chance to play for at least one minute of every game. It’s your job to be so undeniable in that minute that I’d be crazy to take you out.” – My basketball coach in High School, Coach McMahon


I think this applies to comedy as well.


Evan Williams

Dan St. Germain told me early on to only hang out with funny people. That you’re allowed one unfunny friend. That sounded ruthless when I was new but he was 100% correct. You just get funnier and quicker when you have funny, quick friends. Now I just have to ask myself if I’m anyone’s token unfunny friend.


—Luis J. Gomez




Jan 12 2017

Alexa & GaS!

by iamralphsutton

The Alexa Skill is now available in the Alexa maketplace!    If you have an Amazon Alexa – simply search GaS Digital in the skill section – and add it!  You will be able to ask Alexa – what shows are on next, ask it more about any specific show, and even play the most recent episode of any show!  We are thrilled to be able to bring this to ya – and hope you enjoy it.   #PlugInFuelUp !

Dec 1 2016

5 Rules for the New MMA Fan

by iamralphsutton


5 Rules for the New MMA Fan

As a fan of MMA since it’s inception in 1993, I have had the privilege of watching the sport go from a Gracie Jiu Jitsu infomercial to a global phenomenon that just broke the record for gate revenue at “The World’s Most Famous Arena”. I would be lying to you if I said that I didn’t feel a great sense of pride (PRIDE never die fuckers! Sorry I can’t help it #PRIDE) from being able to witness the birth of a sport.

But with the boom of MMA comes a whole new bag of worms. And by worms I mean new fans. 

Suddenly, all of these people I know who didn’t understand why I couldn’t go to their engagement brunch because I had to watch two heavyweights give each other brain damage are finally coming around. But like Ben Parker said in Spider-Man “Fuck all you fake ass mutha fucka’s” (He actually didn’t say that), there is a responsibility in the power that comes with being a fan of MMA. So here are some guidelines that I being the unofficial grand wizard of the MMA fandom clan is instating…

RULE #1: Don’t call all MMA UFC

I don’t want to hear these happy horse shit “The UFC is the Kleenex of MMA” excuses. There was a time when people viewed a non-UFC promotion by the name of STRIKEFORCE as the de-facto number two promotion in the world to the much superior UFC. We have since seen Fighters like Daniel Cormier, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, Luke Rockhold, Gilbert Melendez, Tyron Woodley, Miesha Tate, Cristian “Cyborg” Santos (Gina Carano who would never fight in the UFC sadly but I loved watching those thick tits in Deadpool) and a young up and coming former Olympic judoka by the name of “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey come up through the STRIKEFORCE ranks only to become world champions and top contenders in the “Kleenex of MMA”, the UFC. We also saw UFC washouts like Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz, Dan Henderson and Josh Barnett leave the world’s most prominent promotion and defect to STRIKEFORCE, reinventing their skills and rediscovering their love for the savage art of fighting outside of the blinding lights of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The bottom line is this. Just because most of the world’s best fighters are in the UFC, doesn’t mean that all of them are

RULE #2: Respect the ground game

Like Biggie Smalls once said “This rule’s so underrated, a tight triangle leaves opponents incapacitated” (I took liberties ??). I can’t tell you how many events I have been to where new fans start booing when the fight hits the ground and I want to start handing out poisoned Brooklyn Lager like it was god damned Jonestown! Here’s the thing, back when MMA was in its infancy there were moments where the athletes were unconditioned, unskilled and flat out lazy when it came to the ground game. You had a lot of ex-collegiate wrestlers who had the jock mentality of “I’m gonna take this pussy down and big brother his ass until he realizes that if this were prison he’d be tossing my salad like there was a pardon from the governor in there” so you had fights where the tough son of a bitch on the bottom just wouldn’t quit and it would lead to monotonous dry humping. But those days are over. Take it from me as someone who witnessed the era that us historians call the “Brokeback Mountain” regime, what we are seeing in MMA today is the culmination of years of evolution. Gone are the days of a single “Base” that fighters clung to. Holding on like the child of a stripper, who being watched by the matronly manager of the trailer park clings to his security blanket with the grip of a pet chimp. The Fighters today are what we call “Well Rounded” which means that they have been in the constant pursuit of mastery of all the disciplines that are necessary to compete in MMA. If the fight hits the ground there is action and usually the fight it either goes back to the feet or someone gets choked out or severely beaten. So everyone wins! Well, except for the guy who was choked out or beaten. But who gives a fuck about that dude anyway! The irony of new fan’s hatred in the ground game is that pretty much every fight, professional or not, hits the ground. The purpose of MMA was to give fighters an arena and rule set to prove what style would reign supreme. When it comes to fighting there is no other alternative that is purer. As a fan, like in any sport there will be barn burners and there will be stinkers. All you can do is sit back and watch it all play out. Worse case, you can get some tips on how to big brother the fuck out of someone 

RULE #3: Don’t fight at events

I am going to keep this one short because it frustrates the fuck out of me even having to bring this up but it needs to be said. Hey assholes, don’t go to MMA events and drink yourself into thinking you are one of the guys fighting in the cage! First off, it will only make you look that much more of an inferior twat when you have two shredded, killing machines competing on Combat Sport’s biggest stage and here you are dressed to the 4’s rolling around in Bud Light residue. Secondly, you have burly security guards who’ve had to deal with drunken morons all night looking to use you as an anatomically correct stress doll. Don’t forget that these dudes are working and haven’t been taking drunken selfies or harassing scantily clad women all night. These guys have been actually watching the fight and are itching to try some of the moves they have learned on some Armani Blue wearing punk. Lastly though, you have people who’ve paid their hard earned money to watch these highly trained athletes compete. Don’t let your small dick and hidden frustration of lost grandeur ruin the experience for them.

RULE #4: Learn the history

MMA is still a very young sport. It’s basically sharing the same growth chart as Matthew Mcconaughey’s career. Both had their growing pains and low points but the persevered and now it’s all gravy. But there was a time before Ronda and Conor. A time when the sport was like a moody teen looking for acceptance and mainstream media was accepting two men fighting in a cage like the weird musician who finally finds an agency to represent them when their song breaks the top ten. The story of MMA is fascinating and has so many interesting elements that if turned into a documentary would get five stars on NETFLIX (That’s how we rate sports now. It’s called the “Black Mirror” effect). It has drama, money, intrigue, sex, stars and most importantly… Violence! There’s a reason that stars of every major sport flock to watch the UFC’s best throw down inside the Octagon, it’s because fighting another man in front of millions with your self respect and consciousness on the line is intriguing no matter who you are. But if you are a new fan of the sport currently remember that there are a ton of amazing moments that you may have missed. Moments like Randy Couture and Pedro Rizzo throwing down for the UFC Heavyweight strap in what “The Natural” calls the toughest fight of his career. Or BJ Penn knocking out Sean Sherk and licking the blood off of his gloves like Hannibal Lector. Perhaps when Matt Serra knocked out a then prime GSP to win the Welterweight title after people said it was more likely for women to fight in the UFC than for him to win (This was after all a long time ago). This rule was the most difficult to write because I had to choose three great moments out of thousands to try and embody why this sport is the best on god’s green earth. The only good part of that is the fact that now you have to find the rest for yourself.

RULE #5: Be a loyal fan between the good and the bad

I wrote this rule last because to me it is the most important of the five. Like any sport there are going to be amazing highs and heartbreaking low’s. But what makes MMA different than other sports is that it is based on singular athletes and not an entire team structure. Yeah it sucks dick when the star QB of your team gets an injury that prohibits him from starting on Sunday, but at least the game continues. As MMA fans we have seen the most anticipated cards fall to freak injuries and failed drug tests which sucks really bad. But believe it or not, even the dreaded injury bug contributes to the appeal of MMA. The fallout from a big injury leads to discussion, speculation and the ever revolving MMA news wheel that is a huge part of the sport. We can shit on an injured fighter for overtraining, bitch about his training partner for sparring too hard or curse the mythical MMA gods for turning our favorite fighter into a human sacrifice. The bottom line is that even when bad stuff happens in MMA, we as fans who love the sport can still find something entertaining about it. Which is strange considering that MMA fans tend to be a bunch of cynical pricks but that is the duality of what makes us a unique group of malcontents. But when it’s good it’s great, and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts when performed at the highest level is something that can turn the most negative of sports fans onto the power of two men throwing down in a cage. So respect the sport and love it for the testosterone fueled train wreck it can be, for better or worse. Because when it is firing on all cylinders it truly is a thing of beauty

Ricky Bonez – host of Hammerfisting

Nov 21 2016


by iamralphsutton

There are thousands of podcasts to choose from and podcast fans are fickle. Have a slight buzz in your podcast? Don’t expect a new listener to spend more than 30 seconds giving you a chance. Luckily podcast equipment, like most other technology, has become very affordable. For a few hundred dollars you can build a studio at home that would compete with the audio quality of any podcast you currently listen to.

To turn someone into a hardcore fan of your podcast you will need to make sure you are releasing your show at the same time and through the same channels week after week. Imagine tuning in for Game of Thrones one week and you find that it isn’t on. Then randomly 3 days later it shows up on demand with a note from a producer that said “Sorry guys, got crazy busy with the dog walking business!”. You would be furious! You don’t want your listeners annoyed. There are so many free amazing podcasts out there. They will just move on to another show. Same time. Same day. Same channels.

Do a demo or two, or three, or ten! Building a strong dynamic takes time. Before releasing your show I would do a few practice runs. Get the nerves out of the way. Get any tech issues out of the way. Get comfortable with your co-hosts. You can always release these episodes down the line or if (GOD FORBID!) you have to miss a week you can use a demo episode as a replacement!

There are a lot of channels to monetize your show now. Everything from Patreon, to donations, to advertisers, to merchandise! There are a lot of ways! However, I wouldn’t think about making money off of your show until you have a strong following of at least 20k downloads per episode. Your focus should be on making every aspect of your show as strong as possible. If you are constantly increasing your audio/video quality, the quality of your performance, the way you are marketing your show, etc… naturally your listenership will grow and that is how you make real money for your podcast.

Sales 101! If you don’t ask for the money you are not going to close. Podcasts grow because of the fans. Period. No other way around it. Get your fans excited about your show and they will share it with their friends! Especially if you are a show that is brand new and no one knows about. Everyone wants to be on the forefront of what’s new and cool! The listeners are your brand ambassadors. They will go to war for you. They will drum up interest. Ask and ye shall receive!

Luis J Gomez

Nov 11 2016

It’s TIME for the RSS feed :D

by iamralphsutton

We made the big announcement recently that the master of UFC ceremonies BRUCE BUFFER is coming to GaS Digital!  His show will officially launch within the next few weeks!   And today we are happy to announce that the RSS feed is LIVE.  Here’s how it works.  First off you must be a subscriber to the entire network.  If you are a single channel subscriber – the RSS feed will not work.   Second – you need to download a podcast app that allows private RSS feeds.  Podcast Addict & Overcast are two that we’ve tried and worked beautifully, but there are plenty more.   That’s it!  Currently it will allow you to access the last 30 eps, but soon it will be the entire catalog of each show.   Each show has their own RSS, so you don’t have to get every show, you can choose which ones you want.  Just use your name and pw that you use for the site, and enjoy!

Oct 24 2016

An update to the schedule!

by iamralphsutton

As of this week – 2 shows are moving to Wednesday.  Hammerfisting is now at 5PM ET, and Comedy Pump is at 7PM ET.   Are we making room for some new shows?  Maybe.  😀