Aug 1 2017


by BobbyHutch

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It’s back on! Michael Bisping confirmed on his podcast, Believe You Me, earlier today saying “There you go, the fight is on, November 4th, Madison Square Garden, Michael Bisping vs. GSP.” The much maligned fight seemed destined to happen, despite the long and twisted road it took to get there. Remember, back in May Dana White officially canceled it and set up an interim title fight between Yoel Romero and Robert Whitaker and stated that “Rush” would make his return at welterweight.

A week ago St. Pierre came on the show with Bisping and Co-Host Luis J. Gomez to talk about the possibility of resurrecting the fight following Whitaker’s unfortunate knee injury. Sustained during the interim title fight, the MCL injury will keep Whitaker out of action until well into 2018. Despite an entertaining back and forth between the Brit and the Canadian where both men clearly started a desire to fight each other, the promoter stuck to his guns. According to White, “Listen, the Bisping ship has sailed…” and GSP would fight the winner of the Woodley vs Maia fight at UFC 214. The promoter was singing a different tune Saturday night after the co-main event left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. In the post fight press conference White said “that ship turned around and sailed the f**k back.”

On today’s episode of Believe You Me, The Mountain, the middleweight champion described how “…So I’d given up on that fight… then I’m doing the Fox post fight show and yada yada yada then we finish and I take off my microphone and all that stuff. And then they’re talking in the ear pieces and Kenny Florian was still connected and then uh Kennys like MIKE MIKE MIKE Wait there, and the control room are talking to him and he said, apparently Dana that you get the next fight with GSP… and then boom I get a text from Dana saying ‘Call me’”. After a bit of phone tag it was settled, the fight would be at UFC 217 on November 4th at the World’s Most Famous Arena, MSG. This marks 2 straight years the UFC is heading to The Garden for their biggest show of the fall. No word yet on when the contracts will be signed or whether or not the fight will be the main event. Given the fact though, that Bisping has headlined 4 straight cards and GSP hasn’t been in a Co-Main event since 2009, and this fight feels like a shoe in to top the bill of what will certainly be a star studded PPV event. Just 2 weeks ago Max Holloway was speculating that a bout between he and Frankie Edgar would appear on the November card, as well as the long awaited battle between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw. Whoever flanks the two veteran warriors, it’s clear, The Garden will belong to a foreigner this November.

Below is the full audio of Bisping describing his call with Dana White and announcing the official date and venue.

Also included is audio from Bisping and Gomez interviewing former WEC champion and UFC hall of famer, Urijah Faber.

And lastly, the Audio of Believe You Me’s interview with former UFC welterweight champion and now middleweight title contender, George St. Pierre from last week’s episode.

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